Career Coaching Services

Don't struggle on your career journey alone. Assistance will be customized for your particular need. 


Resume & Cover Letter Development

I will review your current resume and cover letter and provide honest feedback. If you don’t have these documents I’ll teach you step by step how create them and what content to include. You’ll have the skill and knowledge to customize them for each job opportunity you apply for. Please note that I won’t write the documents for you. If you desire this service please contact a professional resume writer. 

“It’s your time” Coaching Packages

I don't believe you should be stressed about your job or dread going to work. If your job isn't Heavenly - dare I say hellacious - you must make a change. And if your quality of life is effected you REALLY need to change your environment. I believe it is your right to work in a career that utilizes your skills and pays the salary you deserve. As your coach I will help you find the courage to create an exit plan & pursue a career that brings you joy, provides peace of mind - and pays well. 

If you possess the courage but need INTENSE motivation check out my Get The “Hell” Out Accountability Program. This program is designed for the person who wants a career change, but are dragging their feet! We will connect twice a month to review your progress.


All I Do Is Win Mock Interview


Interviewing can be scary for even the most confident person. And when it’s time to verbally sell your skills to a hiring employer, “winging it” will have disastrous (and often embarrassing) results. During this recorded mock interview (using Zoom technology) I'll ask you questions and provide feedback during and after the session.

An Hour With Chandra (Taste Of Coaching)

Have a burning career question that needs a solution? Are you just plain stuck? Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear. Schedule an hour with me where you can "pick my brain" and gain clarity.